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Prefinished Moulding

Prefinished moulding ensures a uniform and consistent application of protective and decorative coating on the wood.  Wood moulding is particularly attractive when matched to complement a floor or furniture style.Boen Parkett

Finish the job with prefinished moulding from Boen Parkett.

Overlap Reducer:

Used to reduce the height differential when hardwood meets vinyl flooring, ceramic tile or low pile carpeting.


Used to join hardwood to hardwood, hardwood to ceramic or to any other solid floorcovering that may be of equal height.

Stair Nose Molding:

Used on stairways in a glue-down or floating installation.

Spline or Slip Tongue:

Used in situations when the direction of flooring is reversed.

Square Nose Reducer:

Butts against higher carpet, around fireplaces and sliding glass doors.

Glue Down Reducer:

Reduces height when hardwood meets vinyl in a glue down application.

Quarter Round:

Covers expansion gap and is required between walls and flooring.

Base Moulding:

Used as trim accessory along walls of room.