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Dura Seal

dura seal

Durability with aesthetic appeal - that is what Dura Seal hardwood floor finishes have come to signify in the wood flooring business. The Dura Seal product line includes stains with a high solids content, for deep color and exceptional sealing action, and transparent hardwood floor finishes which can withstand brutal wear and punishment. Wood floor sealer from Dura Seal will help preserve the beauty of your hardwood floor. From art museums to churches...from malls to gyms to homes...fine hardwood floors become works of art with Dura Seal Products.

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X-Terra   A two-component water-based finish for high-traffic hardwood floors. X-Terrs features a high durability, scratch resistant, non-ambering formula. It is available in gloss, semi-gloss and satin sheens needing one catalyst for all three sheens. Great for commercial or residential applications.  
DS Fast Dry Wood Stain   Designed to dry in three hours. This stain will color the densest wood floor in a single coat. Finish with any Dura Seal finishing product.  
DS Penetrating Finish   A semi-transparent stain formulated to seal, color and provide exceptional durability when used on bare wood. DS penetrating finish creates a bond with the wood that won't scratch or wear away. The rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. It can be used with or without a finish coat. Available in a variety of colors.  
DS Pastel Stain   This line of penetrating, oil-based stain imparts rich pastel colors to the wood that complements today's designer look. It highlights the natural grain of the wood. Available in Country White, Golden Wheat, and Stone Gray.  
DS 500 Fast Drying Sealer   A penetrating sealer designed to seal bare wood before applying Dura Seal Finishes. The fast dry time allows for sealing and topcoating wood floors in a single day.  
DS Quick Dry Sealer   Quickly and conveniently seals and adds color to wood floors to prepare them for finishing. It provides a firm bond between the wood floor substrate and succeeding finish coats.  
DS 1000 Water-Based Sealer   A fast-drying, crystal clear sealer, specially formulated to provide an outstanding base coat for DS 1000 Water-Based Finish.  
DS Polyurethane   A transparent, tough, oil-based finish formulated to provide durability and remarkable stain resistance. Available in three sheens and aerosol Touch-Up Spray, as well as 450 V.O.C. compliant formulas.  
DS 2000 ZC-2 Water   a two-component, urethane/acrylic wood floor finish formulated for all traffic areas. The crosslinker is easy to use and the two components are packaged together. Available in semi-gloss and satin.  
DS Gymthane   A superior quality, high gloss polyurethane designed specifically for gymnasium floors. It resists rubber marks and scuffing and is easily maintained.  
DS Penetrating Gym Treatment   A durable, long lasting, multipurpose gym finish designed to withstand the most demanding activities - games, roller skating, dancing, ect&  

dura seal
Dura Seal